Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rider Profiles: Jason Ferrier

Jason's in his second year with the team. He's best known for riding Single Speed Cyclocross worlds on a Surly Big Dummy a year ago.


1. Name:
Jason Lee Ferrier

2. What do you do for a living:
Currently Unemployed - specialized in Magento open source ecommerce platform deployment / web programming

3. What category or categories do you race in? How long have you been racing?
MTB: Sport under 35
CX: B's. If i wanted to sandbag, I would race in C's but I'm afraid of all those new riders without the proper skills. The dilemma: place top 10 consistently in C's or place in bottom half of B's ....

I started mountain bike racing in 2005 at Penn State. When I was living out of a hotel near Baltimore, Maryland for my job I started racing cross there.

4. What's your best bike accomplishment, or the one you're most proud of?
Having the technical skills from learning in real rock gardens in Pennsylvania to keep up with other mountain bikers on either my cross bike or my rigid mountain bike while they are on their full suspensions.

5. What should people yell at you to make you go faster?
You think your cross bike is pink enough?

6. What's your favorite post-race beverage.
Cold, strong beer. That's only after I am done feeling like puking after giving everything I have for the last sprint.

7. What else should your fans know about you?
I like pink bike accessories.


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