Monday, October 19, 2009

Miscellaneous notes


We still owe you (our theoretical reader(s)) race reports from the last two weekends, but in the meantime, a couple quickies:

Mighty May Woo is officially awesome.

Local rider Cyclofiend is sort of regretful he missed the Lion of Fairfax,
In cross, there’s nothing like that time-warp of “Holy Eddy! This has been going on a looong time!” and then realizing that you are just finishing your first lap.

Unlike life, cyclocross is only painful for a specific, discreet period of time.

Very funny New England racer Colin Reuter describes exactly how helpful the crowd can be at a cross race,
When you're slogging mud it doesn't really matter what "group" you're with. Any attempt at drafting ends up with mud in your eye, anyway, so the benefit is definitely negated by the fact that YOU CAN'T SEE ANYMORE. But man, that doesn't stop the crowd (effin' crowd!) from yelling stupid stuff like "get that wheel" and "catch that group." Thanks, crowd. You're full of good ideas. Why don't you put that beer down and give me a push, huh?

That'd actually be a pretty good candidate for team slogan: "Put that beer down and give me a push". Although probably "Oh, you need a new wheel? Here, hold my beer" is probably closer to the truth.

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