Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bay Area Super Prestige #1: McLaren Park (Part 2: The Afternoon)

(part 1)

The weather took a turn for the worse in the afternoon, getting colder and windier. It made it hard for the spectators, and in some cases hard for the racers.

The women's A/B/Masters race went off around noon. We didn't have an A racer, but something like a quarter of the B field was Sheila Moon racers. Kathryn and Arena are coming back for their second year of Bs, Emily and May moved up from the Cs this year, Jenny comes straight from the track to Bs, and Caitlin has come over from another team. So with 6 riders in a (vastly improved from last year) field of 23, we were set to make some noise.

Kathryn led the Moonies home and on to the podium with a 5th.
(photo by Mark Woloschuk)

Caitlin followed with a top ten.
(photo by Jon Suzuki)


Jenny (in her first cross race),

May (on her sweet new Rock Lobster),

and Emily (of whom I cannot find a picture, dammit) all finished strong for the team. Of particular note was that May had a flat on the last lap, and chose to ride it in, rather than try to get a new wheel.

Because Lauren goes her own way, she spurned the B field to line up with the Hard Women in the Masters division.

For the first time in a couple years, we fielded two Elite Men.
steve & krishna

Steven had a Series of Unfortunate Events, that included three bike changes (including at least one that was the slowest I've ever seen).

Krishna, in the meantime, clawed his way from the back row to 14th. I think he needs to get a better start position.

The final race of the day was the B men and Singlespeed Bs. We had three racers in the open Bs, including Joe, Jason and Mat.

joe t cruises by (look at the view! i didn't even notice it til now)



The Single speed Bs gave us the best results of the day, as Evan tuned in a strong second, and I (it turns out, as I find out 5 days later) scrabbled on to the theoretical podium in 5th.



Overall, we had a great day, marred mostly by, um, overzealous park rangers cramping our refreshment style.

We served up some tasty food, though!

Surf City #1 is this weekend. We look forward to some more excellent times.

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Krishna said...

I was kind of wondering why we didn't have a keg. I had no idea they were enforcing a no-alcohol policy, as I was blithely wandering around with a beer.