Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spirit of Surf City Cyclocross race in Santa Cruz

so the yearly Halloween race went down this weekend in santa cruz. it was a blast as usual. our ladies turned in some fine performances as did our higher ranked men. stephan was faster than lightning and arena grabbed the hole shot like nobody's business. we had our saint louis contingent chris & carrie come out and they were stellar as usual too, despite a woman at the start line toppling over onto them and knocking them both to the ground right at the start of their race. davin was all smiles for his race and one of our men's A's riders chris twisted his ankle before his practice lap and had to sit out; bummer. although kathryn didn't race, she was dressed up like an angry bumble-bee and her tagline was "i punch bee's in the face!"
here's a couple of video clips:

Surf City Cyclocross Women's start from daten on Vimeo.

Arena gets the hole shot! from daten on Vimeo.

Luna Moon, Taco and random dog from daten on Vimeo.

chris & carrie
john and taco.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bay Area Super Prestiege #1 - McClaren Park

everyone was fired up for the first big Pilarcitos season opener at SAn Francisco's McClaren Park. What a surprise it was, after a week of 80 degree temperatures to be able to see your breath all day long. it was really cold out there! i wonder if it even made it to 50 degrees. lot's of peeps were shivering and huddling together to stay warm. it didn't really matter though, we still killed the whole keg and blew through a case of smoked brats. we even made a good showing in the race for our team! here's a couple of videos. one is the men's A's and singlespeeders and the other is the men's B'tards.

2008 Bay Area Super Presitege Men's A's and Singlespeeders from daten on Vimeo.

2008 Bay Area Super Prestige #1 Men's B from daten on Vimeo.

super relaxed.

a much better video that anything i've ever done by May Woo!

Pilarcitos Cyclocross 2008 - Race #1 McLaren Park from May Woo on Vimeo.