Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peak Season #4: Everybody Else

OK, we finally have pictures of the B race (thanks, Jeff!), so here goes :

The B race: (I was racing during this, obviously, so I all pictures by Jeff)

Jeremy rode his first race in a couple months, and remembered that it's actually useful to warm up, as he went straight backward for the first lap or so before finally getting into gear and holding his own.

Murphy continued his long return from injury by putting together his first race without a major mechanical (although he did crash on his weak shoulder, but avoided injury).

Joe Taylor had an uneventful B race, but was the star of the relay, as we'll see.

New rider Peter stepped up from C to B, and suffered for it, as is often the case.

Derrick crashed in the first 150 meters of the race, and was put immediately out of contention by the time he took he straightening out his stem. He worked hard to get back into the race, though.

Women's race:

This was a tough one for a lot of folks. The only Sheila Moon woman who raced this one and had raced in the last couple weeks was Sam. May had been sick, Arena had been on vacation, and Kathryn had been sick while on vacation.

Nonetheless, they all stepped up to race.

Kathryn, who I think had not been on the bike in a month, had it toughest, and lasted a couple of laps.

May round the corner
May was able to soldier through, and even rode most of the race with her trademark smile.

Arena had a tremendously strong race, battling Sam for second most of the way before succumbing a little to her lack of racing, and ending up in third.

Arena and Sam
She didn't let second go without a fight, though, making Sam work for the pass.

Sam was able to get her eventually, though, and ended up taking second by 20 seconds or so.

B women
Still, two of our teammates on the podium was pretty awesome.

The capper for the day was the team relay. Each relay team had four riders. At the beginning of the race, they made everyone take their back wheel off. When it was your turn, you had to first put your wheel back on before heading out on your lap.

The Sheila Moon team was Joe, Arena, Sam, and our friend Uri.

Go Joe!
The race started with a Le Mans start, and Joe gave good account.

He was pretty quick about getting his wheel on as well. Unfortunately, once he got going, disaster struck:

The Agony of Defeat from daten on Vimeo.

He was back up right quick, though, and handed off to Sam, who was followed by Arena, with Uri finishing it off. As is typical for this kind of event, I was adamant about not riding it, but by halfway through the relay, I totally wished I was out there.

It looked pretty damn fun.

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