Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the sidelines

Jason here,

This is my first post to the blog and well overdue.  I've been out of commission since the day after Thanksgiving when I hurt my knee(s) riding up to Muir Beach and back to Oakland.  IT band / kneecap issues.

I haven't raced since the second to last Pilarcitos race.  I hope to be back on the bike racing for Boggs* 8 hour race on March 28th.  Davin and I are on a team and hope to do very well.  I may even have my new mountain bike built up by then (Fully rigid 29er - Salsa Mamasita).  If not I'll have to borrow someone's bike or just throw 44c's on the Surly Cross Check, gear down with the X.0 derailleur, XT cassette, put on flat bars and deal with it.  I really love the versatility of the cross check.

Anyway, I hope to see y'all out there soon on the course, not the sidelines.  I rode home from work tonight making a few stops and things felt alright.  Not better, but no bad pains.  I'm on my way to recovery.

Jason rode to the Candelstick Pilarcitos with his race bike in tow

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sasha said...

Andrew Yee of Cyclocross Magazine did at least one lap of Boggs on a cross bike last year.

I wouldn't wanna do it, but apparently it's possible...