Monday, December 22, 2008

Great weekend for Sheila Moon racing

The last racing weekend of 2008 was a good one for the Sheila Moon racing team.

On Saturday, I grabbed my first podium of the year at Livermore, finishing 3rd in Men's 35+ Bs:

On Sunday, we fielded 5 racers, with Sam Bell taking the honors with a straight up win in Women's Cs:

Emily McLanahan had her best placing of the year, with a second in Masters Women:

The rest of us didn't podium, but May Woo was one spot off in 4th, in her longest race of the year.

Ted Ketai raced a category up, and didn't fare so well, and I chose the wrong bike. A singlespeed was the wrong call for a course that had a significant portion of fast, flat running track. I was hoping the course would be muddy enough that I could laugh at the racers trying to shift their filthy drivetrains, but instead spent much of the race spinning my legs off as the guys with gears just rode away from me.

On one lap, I led Ted down the one fast downhill:

Sam won her race by almost a minute, and was extending her lead by about 20 seconds a lap over the last couple.

Emily had a great race. Her first as a masters racer:

The course had a tough run up. On the first lap, I beat some guy up the first part of it, only to have his bars tangled in my back wheel. My reflex was to run fast, so that maybe I could pull him up the hill at my speed, but after a couple seconds, I realized that would probably be counterproductive, so I slowed down enough to let him untangle us. Every lap afterward, I made sure to get clear of other racers as I hit the run:

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