Monday, December 8, 2008

Bay Area Super Prestige #5 - Coyote Point

the fifth and final super prestige race of the season was at coyote point this weekend. we went out in force and not only raced, but nourished our fellow racers with nothing else but BACON HAND-UPS. oh yeah, we had some cyto-beer and clif-beer to give out as well. racing makes you thirsty and hungry.

SPECIAL THANKS: to DUBSTEP DAVE at BIG SWINGIN' CYCLES who got emily's bike back in shape when we thought it couldn't be done. your tireless dedication to our team has made a difference, thanks man!

check out this short video may WOO! put together of the day's fun:

Pilarcitos Cyclocross 2008 - Race #5 - Coyote Point from May Woo on Vimeo.

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