Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soil Saloon

July's traditionally a slow month in Norcal mountain bike racing. Other than Downieville, there are very few official races. Fortunately, for the last couple years a local band of miscreants has organized some unofficial races in parks around the city.

These races, which have a cowboy vs dinosaur theme, are called Soil Saloon. We've talked about them before, I think, but this July's series was quite excellent.
Copyright Pamela Palma © 2010
Three races in Golden Gate Park, followed by a finale in McLaren meant a great chance to flex our competitive muscles and drink some beer.

Congratulations to Krishna, who won two of the races, and to Moonies including Murphy, Mark, Marko, Xton, Derrick, Ted, May, and probably others I'm forgetting for participating.

Derrick won an award for breaking his derailleur (which I compounded by smacking right into him as he tried to fix it), and Marko's photo contest entry won an honorable mention.

Pamela Palma managed to catch a few pics of various Moonies in the series. Her sets from the series can be seen here and here.
Copyright Pamela Palma © 2010

All in all, a damn fun series, even if I continued my 2+ year streak of never even winning a consolation award.

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