Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's almost cyclocross season!

Oboy oboy oboy.

We had our first Sheila Moon/Big Swingin' Cycles team cyclocross clinic Tuesday night, ably led by Matthias.

There were over a dozen Moonies and friends, ranging from A category racers to people who'd never remounted on the fly before.

This was our beginner clinic (and it also served as a refresher for people who aren't beginners). We'll be hosting an intermediate advanced clinic before the season really starts.

We closed with a little heckling training (and training in racing while people are heckling you).

(Photos by Jenny Oh)


Slonie said...

Yes! Who's going to Livermore?

the650c said...

Will there be anymore beginner's clinics? I was told about it only a few hours in advance and couldn't make it.