Friday, April 3, 2009

Boggs wrapup

I can't do anything like the justice that Sam did to Boggs. So I'll just provide some pictures, stats, and results.

As Sam mentioned, we got 2nd and 3rd place 3-women teams (Emily, May and Sam; Arena, Kathryn and Clare, respectively):

Our new Teammate Carrie totally tore it up and won Women's Solo Expert.

The rest of us failed to podium, but everyone enjoyed their multiple laps of the amazing Boggs trails. I think Davin's expression here pretty much sums it up:

We (or more accurately, Emily and Murphy) also coordinated a campsite hosting will over two dozen people, from our team and others.

We had a pretty extensive repair setup, as well as a well-stocked pit and plenty of folks available to massage and otherwise support the racers.

We lived up to our reputation as the funnest (sic) team around by opening our fire, our beer, and our patented spicer rum cider up to all and sundry. As the night after the race wore on, racers still up gravitated toward our roaring camp fire,

I don't have any GPS maps or powertap profiles of the weekend, but I do have the stats on what we consumed at our camp:

2 kegs of Greenflash beer (~250 pints)
2 handles of Sailor Jerry's rum w/ 4 gallons spiced cider
1 handle of Jameson
1 handle of Jim Beam
5 smoked chickens
14 lbs of smoked pork shoulder
5 lbs of smoked Italian sausage
4 lbs of bacon
150 tortillas
4 lbs of cheese
48 eggs
8 lbs tortilla chips
128 oz salsa
more tortellini than i can count

A fair amount of that was cooked by Mark:

We ended the weekend with a "recovery" ride. It was (repeatedly) pointed out that the Sheila Moon Team puts the "wreck" in "recovery". Still, we got to ride a couple trails that we only seem to ride on the post-Boggs ride, as well as some of the favorite parts of the course.

Sheila Moon and friends 'recovery ride.'


Overall, I think we got all we could out of the weekend.
4pm on Sunday: Someone had to finish the cider, and one woman was up to the task.

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Allison said...

Your party rocked. Thanks for being so welcoming - the food, beer and booze was awesome. Sorry we missed your ride, but Gail really has good taste in trails doesn't she?