Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bay Area Supersprestige #3 Report: Sierra Point

Not my bestest day ever. This course is (as we say in the Bay) hella flat. There's like one section that's 10 feet higher than the rest, and the course gets routed over it as much as possible, but 90% of the course is a very bumpy pancake.

I came in thinking I might race both Masters Bs and singlespeed, so I had two bikes. Before my masters race I stashed my SS in the pit. I had an OK 3rd row starting position, and avoided the opening crash. I started to claw my way up through the pack very slowly. Unfortunately, on the third lap, I realized that my rear shifter had broken, sticking me in the small cog. Flat the course may have been, but 38x11 was a little high, I think.

Fortunately, I had another bike in the pit. Which, as it turned out, was undergeared for such a flat course. I spun like mad for the rest of the race, ending up 40th out of 60-something. One thing the race did do, though, was cure me of wanting to race singlespeed on the course. So I hung out and heckled for the rest of the day.

I think the highlight of the day for me (other than teammate Barb Howe winning the women's race) was the debut of our ridiculous new skinsuits:

Sheila's really outdone herself this time.


murphy aka daten said...

damn you look good in that!

LAUREN said...

hells yeah!

i love those skinsuits!