Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 mile mixed terrain enduro!

this past weekend i hosted my first (outdoor) ever bike race. i went with my favorite format: the enduro. enduros are usually a long distance on/off or off road race where racers encounter more than just a few challenges. the route was figured to be about 100 miles long so i advertised it as such. the route was strung together from many of my favorite rides.

the route: we started at the polo fields in san francisco's golden gate park and then hit a series of three check points in SF. the first check point was roaring mouse cycles. chris, the owner of the shop, had generously donated a nice lemond poprad cyclocross frame and a pair of chris king headsets to give away as prizes. we had a professional photographers maribeth and jeremy harris on hand to shoot the racers portraits here while they were still fresh and smiling. from there the route went to the university of san francisco where there is a staircase that goes down a couple of hundred feet changing direction several times on the way. after that, the racers went to the private residence where the finish line had been placed so they'd know where the post race BBQ was to be held. at the last check point they were given a new set of maps that detailed the rest of the route.

next they headed out across the golden gate bridge into marin county. i don't want to bore you with a blow by blow description of the route. i'll just link you to the forum posting where everyone posted their photos and thoughts.


i learned a lot from holding this event and about the proper planning that goes into it. i'm excited thinking about the next one and have already begun to put it together.

i'm going to call it "Murphy's Law: Moto-Rando II -
Grey's Revenge".

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